Owning a car, pros and cons

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Owning a Car: Pros and Cons “I think I’ll go get some food. Jack in the Box sounds good. But it is like 3 miles. Oh well, I’ll take the car!” This sure sounds good. But what you do not realize is there are tons of hidden costs like gas, engine wear and tear, and tier wear. When I first started driving, I had no idea how much it would actually cost. Now that I have been driving for nearly a year, I know how much money it takes to have and maintain a vehicle. Like $1200 for a full clutch replacement and $30 to fill up the truck for the week or so. After having my truck for as long as I have, it is hard to imagine life without a car. Currently, I cannot use my car due to ignition switch trouble, and it is killing me. I have to beg my mom for rides, or ask to borrow her car. I can tell that my car being out of commission is really getting to my mom, maybe more so than I. With my car not working, she has to not only do what I used to take care of, she has to give me rides as well. The rising gas prices are making it difficult for everyone. A lot of parents pay for gas for their kids. The rise in gas price forces a lot of kids to have to find their own way to get gas, and making their friends pay for rides. Because kids must pay for gas, and those paying for gas are paying more, this makes getting work for a teen that much harder. There are less job openings, and competition for space in the schedule is getting hard. How can someone expect you to make a car payment, insurance payments, gas, and car maintenance, working only 12 hours a week at minimum wage? On top of that, the government takes money out of our paychecks, that we do not know how to get back! Half of what is taken by the gov’t, we are not old enough to take the benefits of. We are too young to claim unemployment, yet we must pay for those who can? Parents expect us to

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