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Owning an Online Jewelry Business Essay

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Owning an Online Jewelry Business
Alice Coudrain
Everest University CCI


September 28, 2012

Owning an Online Jewelry Business


          Owning any type of online business is just like owning any other business. You have to look at all the aspects of owning a business to run one successfully. There are legal documents you will need, startup costs, and a viable product people will want to buy at a reasonable price of your product is also very important. You will also need to either have some knowledge on website design or hire a professional to create and publish your website. You will also need to establish how you will get paid for your product. Owning an online business can also be very helpful for someone with disabilities to earn an income and become more self- sufficient.

          Starting a business involves planning, making key financial decisions and completing a series of legal activities. The best way to start any business is to first develop a business plan. You will need this in order to get any loans you may need to start your business. The Small Business Administration (SBA) offers free training courses to help you learn how to do this as well as securing financing through government backed loans for your business. The SBA also can help you with legal documents you will need and tell you how to fill out forms to start your business.

      Getting Started

          Starting an online business is like any other business you will need to establish a registered name for your business.   The SBA can assist you in finding a name and registering it. It is important to find a name that is also available as a domain name. Nothing looks better for a company than a name that also fits their online presence. The next step will be to establish a tax identification number and register for state and local taxes. Then obtain a business license and permits by getting a...

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