Owning a Cat vs. Owning a Dog

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Owning a pet is very common in our society, with cats and dogs being the most popular choice. You will, however, have two totally different experiences when taking on the responsibility of owning one or the other. As it is expected, they have different personalities, require different levels of care, and have different potential costs. Owning a pet can be a very fulfilling experience, but these differences should be taken into consideration before deciding which pet is right for you. Firstly, let’s discuss cats. Cats by nature are independent, solitary animals. This isn’t to say that they make poor companions; it’s just saying they aren’t very needy in the level of attention they require. The key thing to note about a cat’s demeanor is that they do what they want to, when they want to, and how they want to. Cats could not care less how much you beg, plead, or bride them; your purpose is to please them not the other way around. These are the main reasons cats are considered difficult if not impossible to train. This independence also means you don’t have to invest a lot of time in taking care of them. They groom themselves quite frequently so unless they get into something they shouldn’t have you will rarely need to bath them. Cats also won’t need regular forced exercise. As long as a few toys are available they will play with them when they’re feeling frisky, or they might even give you the privilege of playing with them. The cost of owning a cat isn’t terribly high also. If fresh water and food are available, a cat can be left home alone for a few days without many concerns. Meaning you won’t have to board them or hire a sitter when taking short trips away from home. A cat’s generally small size means they don’t tend to eat too much. They will require a steady supply of fresh cat litter also, unless of course, you enjoy the overwhelming smell of ammonia, then more

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