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OWL KEEPER SUMMARY The book I finished reading is The Owl Keeper by Christine Brodien Jones. I really enjoyed reading this book; I recommend this book. It all starts out with a boy named Max Unger who supposedly was allergic to the sun. He loved the dark nights because of his Gran who went out with him after dark and told him different stories about silver owls and the Great Destruction. Max loved the story about the Owl Keeper. When Gran disappeared and the silver owls became extinct Max becomes less and less brave. He then finds this mysterious girl named Rose who took him on journeys throughout the book and she kept him away from the evil Dr. Tredegar. Dr. Tredegar and Mrs.Crumlin are both trying to poison Max’s memory which would make him forget Rose and the Owl keeper. Dr. Tredegar uses the InjectaPort on Max every week for his nightmares and allergies that all started when he was 7, around the time of his Gran’s death. Max grew more and more suspicious about Mrs.Crumlin and Dr. Tredegar. Rose tried her hardest to help her long lasting friend Max. Max finally refuses the InjectaPort and runs into the sunlight. Then he notices after a couple of minutes that he isn’t even allergic to the sun. A black dog that is tied up to a tree attacks Rose and chases her. Rose is out of Max’s sight. Then Max sees that Mrs.Crumlin and Dr. Tredegar are running after him. Max gets so exhausted that he collapses and Mrs.Crumlin stuffs a poison muffin into his mouth. He accidently swallowed some. His mind goes completely blank and he is dragged back to his front yard. His loyal pet owl swoops down with the InjectaPort and stabs it right into Mrs.Crumlins arm. She falls on the ground and that was the end of her. Max runs off to find Rose and the dog sitting by her like an obedient dog would do. Rose tells him that this is her new dog “Helios.” Helios, Max, Rose, and Max’s owl

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