Owen Meany Essay

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Chapter 1: The Foul Ball My name is Owen Meany, I grew up in Massachusetts but my dad made us all move here to Toronto a couple of years ago. He started his own business; a granite company a lot of people say that is why I was born the way I am. I met John at Sunday school when he converted to my religion due to the fact that his mother was re-married and they took his religion. I will never forget meeting John Wheelwright he changed my life in many ways. Life for me was hard being that I was born a dwarf and the only way I could be heard was if I talked through my nose. In Sunday school all the kids would toss me in the air passing me around as if I was a little doll while our Sunday school teacher took her usual smoke break. John would join in all the time yelling “pass him to me, it’s my turn!” The girls really loved me they thought I was just the cutest little thing. Even though them lifting me up and tossing me around caused all my change and belongings to fall out of my pockets I never snitched them out. I acted like I hated when they would lift me up but honestly it wasn’t all that bad I just didn’t like the attention it would bring. Although John would join in on the horse playing he was my one and only best friend. John and I had a lot of things in common one major thing we had in common was religion. I am very religious and deep in my faith so I liked to share that with John and he always told me that I am the reason he is a believer. Despite everything that has happened with John and me he’s still managed to be my best friend and I couldn’t thank him enough for that. Another thing we had in common was the fact that John and I played on the little league baseball team together even though I didn’t get as much playing time as our other teammates. I know I was born small and couldn’t do as much as my teammates baseball was still my passion I knew

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