Ovid vs Vergil Essay

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Nicolas Seymour 12/2/12 U.S History D-4 Writing Assignment Birth of Mickey Mouse Mickey Mouse was created in the early 1920’s by Walt Disney. Walt had originally set out to arrange a new contract for his fictional character , Oswald the Rabbit, but the backers decided not to renew the contract. Since the company owned the copyright, they ended up leaving Walt with nothing. Walt then made another fictional character called Mortimer the mouse. Walt’s wife, Lillian Disney wanted to change the name because the original name was too stuffy which caused Walt to change the mouse’s name to Mickey. Thus, Mickey Mouse was born! Mickey Mouse on His Way to Fame Walt Disney and his head animator, Ub Iwerks, soon completed their first Mickey Mouse cartoon, "Plane Crazy." But no company was interested in buying the film. Walt then made a second film, “Gallopin Gaucho”, which was a silent film. The film was also a failure as nobody wanted to buy the film. In 1928, Walt Disney began working on his third Mickey Mouse cartoon, this time a talkie named, "Steamboat Willie." Walt Disney put everything he had into this film and when it was completed, he presented it to some theater managers. A manager at the Colony Theater liked Walt and the talkie film and he decided that he would take a chance by showing “Steamboat Willie” which ended up being a success. Mickey Mouse became famous beyond all expectations. Death of Mickey Mouse (Walt Disney) Walt Disney immediately added sound to his first cartoons and offered Colony Theater a set of talkie cartoons. Walt Disney voiced all the films himself up until World War Two. Soon after Mickey Mouse’s introduction to the local market, Mickey became to the point where people would ask if they would “Run a Mickey” before they would consider to buy a ticket. Mickey Mouse’s popularity continued strong through the 1930’s but Walt Disney

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