Overweight Essay

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With a society that is overweight, it’s hard to explain the increasing rate of anorexia. The media can be a leading cause of unhealthy eating habits. Humans are influenced by their surroundings; some may feel the need to adapt unhealthy habits. Through the influence of media the average person believes models look “good.” Research done by Kelly Morgan proved “The average fashion model weighs 23 percent less than the average healthy female.” This shows the body image being obtain is unhealthy. Viewers do not remember pictures taken of runway models are skewed. Many companies admit altering pictures. The average teenager believes runway models look beautiful without any help, when in reality pictures are converted. Runway models have a negative impact on teenage girls since they promote unhealthy habits, present an unattainable image, and allow viewers to expect glamor in daily life. Observers of models are influenced to developed unhealthy eating habits. With a quick glance all a viewer can see, is the outline of a body image. This body image is very petit. Larger models are not shown in the media. Plus sized models are used to advertise larger clothing for older women. However, teenage girls are not surrounded by this type of advertising. Instead, they are surrounded by magazines with pictures of young, skinny models. It is proven that humans undoubtedly compare themselves to others. Once, one looks at a runway model, the average viewer believes they are overweight. If this is not the case the viewer can conclude they do not look as “good” as the model presented. This can influence a viewer’s future, because they now feel obligated to change their eating habits to attain the model figure. The teenager then convinces themselves they need to lose weight to look good. Teenage girls starve themselves in an effort to become supermodel-thin. Humans are impacted by Ads

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