Overweight. Essay

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The bright sun was irritating my eyes. I got ready for school even though I had trouble putting my school sweater on, packed all my books and grabbed my backpack. I mother made me a sandwich while I was putting my shoes on. She gave me a kiss on the cheek and I was set to go to school. While walking I saw the blossoming trees, I paused for a second and thought how fast years passed. I was late 3 minutes to school and got scolded by the vice principle…Again. I had anthropology class first thing in the morning and I was bored about talking about all the sociopaths as if I really care about their life. By sitting and being squishing in the school desk that’s attached to the chair I started making notes of my obese size. Stupidly, I started making a new diet knowing I had to lose all 100 pounds in order to be in a healthy size. I've dieted since the eighth grade knowing that there’s no purpose no nothing, having no results and doing it over and over it again, it’s a pain. Life as an a obese person has afforded me few friends which most were backstabbers, no socialization with the outside world and new nick names and jokes people came up every day. My classmates, so called friends (Not all) did nothing but made jokes all day long. The worst part about being obese is finding clothes but even worse was going to a shopping center and having the society look at me as I’m a strange looking thing and also having bunch of sizes for different shapes but not being able to find one suitable for yourself and getting out the doors wanting to go home causing nothing but depression and unhappiness in life, making me feel as if I’m alone with extra flesh. Its 3:15, five more minutes for school to end. The bell rings. I rushed to get my backpack which it always beside my locker, on the floor dirty because everyone kicks it as if it’s a soccer ball. I move as quickly with my jelly

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