Overview of Prototyping

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* Overview of Prototyping * Prototyping is a well understood and used technique in engineering where novel products are tested by testing a model prototype * Prototypes can be “throw away” (e.g., scale models) or go into commercial use (Concorde!) * In software development prototypes can be * paper-based - * software-based * Aims of prototyping * The aim of prototyping is to resolve uncertainty about * functional and user requirements * operation sequences * user support needs * required representations * “Look and Feel” of the interface * appropriateness of the design * Prototyping techniques * The three major kinds of prototyping are * “Throw away” prototyping (a.k.a. “rapid prototyping”) * Aims to collect information on requirements and the adequacy of possible designs * Recognizes that requirements are likely to be inaccurate when first specified * The emphasis is on evaluating the design before discarding it * used exclusively in requirements gathering * Incremental prototyping * Final product is built as separate components one at a time * There is one overall design for the system * It is partitioned into independent and smaller components * Final product is released as a series of products * Eg General student details data module – the students assessment profile module * not actually prototyping at all, but the delivery of prioritized functions incrementally to a single, overall design * Evolutionary prototyping (a.k.a “Rapid Application Development, RAD) * As for incremental prototyping * Additions and amendments are made following evaluation and the system is regenerated in its amended form * In this
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