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Introduction and Overview of the business Business name: Georges BBQ Chicken Business Owner: George Location: 285 Boulevard Punchbowl. This location was chosen due to a variety of reasons; 1. Convenience 2. Most populated place of the suburb 3. Few seconds away from the station 4. Attracts a lot of attention Classification of Business Legal Structure: The legal structure of the business is Sole trader. Size: The size of the business is considered micro business as there are only 2 employees as well as the owner/employer. Prime Function: The prime function of the business is to provide hot foods and drinks for hungry customers. Internal/External Stakeholders: * Internal stakeholders of the business include the owner, employees and shareholders. * External stakeholders of the business include government bodies and customers. Goals and Objectives Financial Goals: They plan to gain a profit and expand more on variety of choices in the food menu. Social Goals: They hope to treat customers with honesty and run the business in a moral and ethical manner. The business also asks customers for their feedback on their business and develops ways to improve. Personal Goals: Includes maintaining the business and build more experience within the industry and build a better relationship with workers. Products or services Georges BBQ Chicken caters chicken, hot chips and drinks to satisfy individuals’ wants. George recognises that businesses should aim to fulfil customers and respect them than just focusing on their goals. Market Analysis Target Market: The business targets individuals who wish to consume hot foods and hungry customers. It also serves to people who desire quick serves and a decent taste at a low price. Competitors: In Boulevard Punchbowl, there aren’t any competitors except for

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