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Explain why overseas study at Australian universities is popular. In recent years, there has been a noticeable upward trend in international students seeking to apply to colleges and universities in Australia rather than in their home countries. To better understand the context of this essay, the term “overseas study” refers to foreign students from all over the world who do not speak English as a first language and who are looking to pursue educational opportunities in Australia. The surge in applicant quantity can be attributed to the country’s living conditions which are very much desirable, but the three main drawing factors would be the fantastic environment, the stellar education system and the promising future that lies ahead once…show more content…
Some courses offered in Australian universities cannot be found in other countries, an example would be a course in marine biology which is possible to be studied here due to the surrounding beaches full of marine mammals which cannot be easily found in other countries. Regardless of the course a prospective student chooses, all courses will be taught in English, which may not be the first language of many foreign students. As a result, the schools strongly encourage the use of English language as much as possible, as the language is the most widely used over the world, and is an important aspect of gaining entry into an international education background. The last important point which should not be overlooked is the bright future which Australia has in store for her international students. Job opportunities are plentiful, and should a student decide that Australia would be the place for him or her to grow old in, the status of permanent residency is not at all hard to obtain as compared to other countries. This provides reassurance to the student, as being away from home for a number of years would cause him or her to feel like a foreigner in their own home country, and thus may cause the student to ultimately choose to reside and work in Australia

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