Overseas Outsourcing Essay

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Dawn Chadwell March 23, 2015 English 102 Professor Scott Overseas Outsourcing The discussion regarding U.S companies outsourcing internationally to countries such as India, Pakistan, Philippines, China and dozens more is highly controversial. What a lot of people don’t know is that outsourcing is a much older practice. Merchant companies or large businesses can cut their material cost and employee labor considerably by outsourcing. This has made the big corporations close their factories in the U.S and move them overseas to undeveloped countries. The citizens of these countries will work for lower wages, in dangerous conditions and have fewer restrictions as far as labor rights. It sounds like a good idea. Who doesn’t want to save money? We all want to but why hurt your own people by doing this? Is outsourcing hurting the United States? Yes it is. “Outsourcing is a lose-lose situation for American employees, American businesses and the American government.” (Paul Craig Roberts 2010) The United States is $45 billion in debt to other countries. (U.S Census Bureau) Why? Because the U.S is making fewer goods here and paying more money to its trading partners. Now trade policy analyst are wondering if they should create more exports and emphasize on new trade agreements that give the U.S more access to other countries’ markets?(Buffett 2013) This is what has put the U.S in debt. Stop outsourcing and worry about what needs to be taken care of in the United States. Companies report their financial gains by outsourcing. What they don’t tell anyone is the actual cost to outsource. “Someone in India working for $10,000 a year can actually end up costing the company four to eight times that amount.” (Zupnick, GE Real Estate) So in the long run these companies are still paying out $40 to $80 thousands to try to save on material cost or whatever they need to make

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