Oversanity In "The Zoo Story"

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“Oversanity” is having the ability to understand people on a global level. People do not always want to accept change, the people who stay in a confined and habitual life never get a broad view of the world they live in. Jerry is one man who has experienced what it is to be another person. Jerry could tell Peter what his story of “Jerry and The Dog” means, but Jerry wants Peter to learn what it means on his own. Being “oversane” is to open your mind to more than just your life. Peter has a routine life that makes him a sane person, he does not think about himself as being a speck on the Earth, or that there are drag queens, and monsters, and lonely people in the world. Of course Peter knows these things exist, but his small world does not include them. Peter goes to the same bench in Central Park every weekend at the same time to read a book, when Jerry comes over to talk with him, Peter does not freak-out but he lets Jerry ask questions. Peter is willing to accept Jerry as a person, so Jerry figures that Peter is the perfect person to teach. When Jerry tries to teach Peter how to appreciate people and the world he lives in, Peter is reluctant and ruins Jerry’s attempt. Jerry wants Peter to understand that there is no way that “Jerry and The Dog” could make sense to anybody but Jerry. Jerry knows that the world is filled with unique people and the only way for Peter to learn this is for him to understand that he is not the center of the universe. Peter tells Jerry, “I DON’T WANT TO HEAR ANY MORE. I don’t understand you” (37), about the story because he does not want to change or become a new person. Peter probably understands the story perfectly, but he does not want to. Jerry never intended to hurt Peter, he was trying to make a point that Peter does understand and that Peter is not alone in the world. Jerry makes Peter kill him so that Peter recognizes that
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