Overpopulation Satire Essay

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7,181,667,115 people are currently living on this earth and every year it rises. Any normal person would wonder where all these people are living, the answer they aren’t. Overpopulation is a huge issue on this planet in today’s age. Sure luxurious Americans have room but one must remember to put themselves in others shoes, and think from their perspective. People often question why the earth has recently had so many earthquakes, hurricanes, tornadoes and blizzards. The answer this is relatively simple; these violent natural disasters are the earth’s form of white blood cells. You see, as humans, we have become like a parasite to the planet and the earth’s storms are there to counter-act the parasites. Recently I have come across a man living in India, one of the most overcrowded places on this planet. He informed me that people in India are living in with five families in building meant only for one. As a humanitarian I found this quite astonishing and have comprised a system to alleviate this world population problem once and for all. Create a TV show where people will kill each other to survive to the last person. We will have them be picked by a lottery system of everyone on the planet over the age of 15, no one is excluded. We will then take over one state in the United States of America. Let’s say Wyoming because nothing happens there anyway, and put all the people who were picked and have them be released into parts of the state where we will have arenas, and in heats of 20 they will fight to the death. The winner of the competition would then be put back into society higher than they were before, and are exempt from being put back into the lottery. The winner would also inherit all of the other contestant’s money after the show. If you were to just think of the entertainment value of this system and the benefit to the world. No more would India have to be
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