Overpopulation Essay

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Population is an unbearable burden for Bangladesh. Bangladesh happens to be the most densely populated country in the world. In an area as small as 555981 square miles, Bangladesh has a population of over 130 million. About 1500-1600 people live in one square mile. Every year more than two million people are being added to our population. The problem is now out of control. It has reached the position of explosion. Although the population of a country is an asset, it becomes a problem when the country cannot afford to provide its people with the basic necessaries of life. The area of Bangladesh is too small to support its vast population. As a result over-population creates a lot of critical problems involving communication, education, employment, housing, health, medical treatment, environment etc. All these problems eventually lead to a general problem named poverty. Hence, it could be safely said that the poverty of our country is largely an aftermath of its population problem. We all should come forward to control it. The government of Bangladesh has already taken a number of steps regarding the issue. In order to overcome this problem, we may follow the following rules. Each family must not have more than two children. Then each family will be planned. Each family should be made aware of the gravity of the problem. To check the growth of population, highest importance should be attached to education of the masses. If the entire population is educated, a sense of national awareness is sure to develop among the people. We can send more of manpower to foreign countries. It would serve two purposes: first it would lessen the huge weight of the population; second it would help the country earn more foreign currency. Although population is considered one of the greatest problems of Bangladesh, it cannot be solved by the government alone. All the people have

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