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Overpaid Athletes The argument that athletes have way too large of a salary in our society has been going on for years. Most people like to argue that they are overpaid. Professional athletes are not overpaid because of their great skill in what they do, their devotion to their profession, and the fact that pro sports is one of the most profitable businesses in the world. Pro athletes are the most skillful people in the world. period. There is more competition in this field than in any other. The percentage of Americans that become pro athletes is 1.3%. With that said It's rare for a young boy to say he wouldn't want to be a pro athlete which means a majority of society competes to become a pro. that's a stat pros should be very proud of. Many people make the argument that people in the military should make more money than pro athletes. If this were to be true our economy would go bankrupt in a second because being in the military takes hardly any dexterity at all. You don't even need a degree of any sort. Athletes spend their lives practicing and perfecting the skills of their sport to become that 1.3%. Alex Rodriguez makes $33,000,000 a year. He takes 3 weeks off over the entire year. The rest he spends training six hours a day, traveling across the country, and doing all this without seeing his family sometimes months at a time. He's trained his entire life to get this number. No one understands what it takes to get to that number. The life of a pro athlete isn't what society perceives it to be. The dedication and sacrifice it takes to make it is incomprehensible. Mike Fabiaschi, a local baseball player, spent all his teenage years, and what he's had of his twenties trying to make it pro. He'll probably never leave the minor leagues and he has devoted his entire life to baseball. He makes $5,000 a year and for half the year he is living in hotels traveling

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