Overcoming Struggles Essay

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Overcoming Struggles, to Maximizing Her Full Potential By Christina Snowden Diogenee Osborne, whom recently graduated from high school has been the topic of discussion of small town Jonesboro, La. Osborne is the daughter of Van Osborne and the late Andria Osborne. After the death of her mother at a very young age, Osborne’s life took a turn for the worse. She was forced to leave all her friends and close family to move to Ruston and to stay with her father and new mother. Her relationship with her step-mother was not the best. Osborne struggled to adjust to the new school, but with time, the big move started to become a little easier. I was blessed with the opportunity to interview her on how she made it through her struggles to get to the successful path she is on now. Ms. Osborne recently graduated at the top of her class. Some people may wonder how could a person with such a hurtful and confused background overcome those issues and still come out on top. “You just have to encourage and push yourself, and along the way do the same for others.” Osborne says being able to understand others pains and problems helped her to deal with hers as well. The passing of her mother at young age made her appreciate the little things in life. She became captain of her basketball team her senior year. Osborne was given this title because, her coach and peers recognized how harmonic she was. Diogenee always tried to find solutions to problems and make peace among the team. Not only was she a leader on the court but she was a leader in the classroom. With consistency and hard work, at the end of her senior year she was the valedictorian. That moment she walked across the stage she considers her best moment in life. A lot of people doubted her and criticized her, but in the end she proved everyone wrong. She got accepted into Tier One Liberal Arts college, Centenary College of

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