Overcoming Reluctance Essay

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Concerns for career and family are the most frequently mentioned reasons for a manager to refuse a foreign assignment. The most important career related reservation is the fear that a two or three year absence will adversely affect opportunities for advancement. This out of sight out of mind fear (as exemplified in the opening Global Perspective) is closely linked to the problems of repatriation. Without evidence of advance planning to protect career development, better qualified and ambitious personnel may decline the offer to go abroad. However, if candidates for expatriate assignments are picked thoughtfully returned to the home office at the right moment, and rewarded for good performance with subsequent promotions at home, companies find recruiting of executives for international assignments eased. Even though the career development question may be adequately answered with proper planning, concern for family may interfere with many accepting an assignment abroad. Initially most candidates are worried about uprooting a family and settling into a strange environment. Questions about the education of the children isolation from family and friends proper health care and in some countries the potential for violence reflect the misgivings a family faces when relocating to a foreign country. Special compensation packages have been the typical way to deal with this problem. A hardship allowance, allowances to cover special educational requirements that frequently include private schools, housing allowances and extended all expenses paid vacation are part of compensation packages designed to overcome family related problems with an overseas assignment. Ironically, the solution to one problem creates later problems when that family returns to the United States and must give up those extra compensation benefits used to induce them to accept the position. Reducing the

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