Overcoming Racial Division

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Does the election of a black president mean that racial divisions in the USA have been overcome?Does the election of a black president mean that racial divisions in the USA have been overcome? In November 2008, Barack Obama was elected to become the first African-American President of the United States. This news was greeted nationally with mixed reactions. Most of the electorate believed that with a black President the racial divisions in the USA would lessen and eventually be overcome. Others however believed that Obama’s inauguration would serve no real change and possibly promote further hostility from the large number of white supremacist groups across the nation (a majority of which located in the south) creating further rifts between cultures. Supporters of the argument that a black president has helped the USA overcome racial divisions would argue that it has led to the appointment of a more racially diverse cabinet. This shows…show more content…
Recent high profile court cases have led to many voicing their belief that there is deep institutionalised discrimination against minorities. An example of this is the ‘Zimmerman vs Martin’ case. Zimmerman (white male) actively ignored dispatcher advice and chased Trayvon Martin (black make) before a fight broke out, in which Zimmerman killed Martin with a gun. Zimmerman then walked free. Many believe that the outcome would have been completely different had the roles been reversed. Examples such as LaMonte Armstrong’s wrongful prosecution for the murder of Ernestine Compton support this argument. Others would argue that examples such as this shouldn’t be used due to the large advances in forensic science, which was used to prove LaMonte’s innocence. Furthermore they would argue that since the election of Obama, the ethnic diversity of judges in the USA has increased showing that the law system is overcoming previous racial
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