Overcoming Adversity Essay

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Facing Adversity What is adversity? Adversity is a state of hardship or misfortune. It can be small things like leaving your keys at home or failing a test however it can also be huge obstacles like a loved one dying or coming home to see that your house has been in a tragic fire. It’s basically anything that will make your life harder. It’s a struggle. It’s not easy. No one likes to have problems; everyone would like to be perfect I’m sure, but it’s pretty hard. What’s good about adversity though, is that you can overcome it. You really just have to believe in yourself, and believing that it is possible. You can also think about what the outcome could or would be if you were to try to overcome your problem. It just depends on how you choose to face it. In “The Odyssey”, one of the characters Odysseus has a few problems of his own that he had to overcome. One of the problems was him and his men being trapped in a cave with the Cyclops. When Odysseus stabbed the giant in the eye so they all could escape the cave he needed everyone to help him and be ready when the Cyclops got up (285-290). His act of heroicness and bravery created a better relationship between him and his men, because the men had to trust him to get through it. Another problem was facing the sirens. Odysseus sacrificed his safety so the men could control the ship without falling for the sirens, and dying (745-753). This act created a stronger relationship with the crew because of the fact that he sacrificed himself to save them. Odysseus truly faced and overcame adversity. It wasn’t just for himself either; it was for the safety and well-being of his men. In The Adoration of Jenna Fox, there were a couple characters that faced adversity. There was a part when Dane was attempting to rape Jenna, and Jenna didn’t know exactly what to do. Mr. Bender apparently saw and he beat up Dane with a golf

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