Overbearing Parents Essay

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You know what really gets me tick, parents who are way too over protective or make their kids do something they don’t want to do because they missed out on it when they were younger. I cannot stand parents like that. Like just get over it. Let your kid do what they want with their life they should be able to make their own decisions, of course with moderation though. I will admit my mom does it sometimes too, but never has she made me do something I do not really want to do just because she missed out on it when she was younger. I love my mom, and my dad too even if I don’t see/know him because they are divorced. But jeez, can my mom be over protective sometimes. I’m glad she is though, I have so many friends that have parents that could care less about what they do. Well that’s what the kids say at least, I’m sure their parents actually care though. But anyways, I know two girls in my grade who have the most bossy mom I have ever heard of. For example, she made all of her children get clear braces because that’s what SHE wanted not what her kids wanted but what SHE wanted. It really makes me annoyed when parents tell you to do little things like that. Like you really care what the color of your kids braces are? Fortunately, my mom never cared and she loved it when I got weird colors for braces. In past reflections I have talked about my swimming, not only am I kind of growing out of it, but I am also turning into that stereotypical sluggish teenager. My mom didn’t play any sports when she was younger, she just focused on school and that was it. Since my mom didn’t play any sports or really go out a lot you would think that she would be one of those parents that always tells their kids what to do and how to do it. She doesn’t and I have realized as I get older that I really appreciate that about her. Of course when I was younger she would be a little bossier,
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