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Over View of Mc Donalds Essay

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Over View Of Mc Donalds Fast Food Company Marketing Essay

In today’s business environment, operations management is used by companies not only to be competitive, but also to ensure that their objectives are met at a cheapest cost. This will consist of a set of planned activities that would convert various inputs into goods and services.

This report provides an analysis of McDonalds and organisation’s Operations Management, Operational Strategy, process and product design, Supply Chain Management, inventory control, JIT and Total Quality Management which include all the different processes and techniques to enhance the value of products and services that McDonalds provide to its customers at the acceptable cost.

McDonald's is the global fast-food service retailer. The company have more than 32,000 restaurants and serve more than 60 million people in more than 100 countries every day. More than 80% of McDonald's restaurants worldwide are franchised and operated by local people.

When Richard and Maurice McDonald opened their first restaurant they developed the idea of an 'assembly line' where a reduced menu could be cooked cheaper and quicker, which would lead to a higher turnover of customers.

The history of McDonald’s began with founder, Ray Kroc. He managed the franchising of the McDonalds' restaurant concept. By 1961 Ray Kroc was running the whole plan. The only thing the McDonald brothers did was run their one restaurant, and receive 0.5% from the larger company. The expansion of the McDonald's brand was not something they were really interested in. Ray Kroc, on the other hand, was. He wanted to put a McDonald's restaurant in every state in America - which he eventually did. Kroc took over McDonald’s company, at a cost of 2.7 million dollars.

Anyone who wanted to open a McDonald's restaurant had to pay Kroc around a thousand dollars and then 1.9% from the annual takings of the restaurant. He then passed 0.5% of the takings onto the McDonald...

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