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http://www.civilization.ca/cwm/games/overtop/CWM_Over_the_top_First_World_War_Maps.pdf Questions about the story: Over the Top 1) What reason does the main character give for having volunteered to join the army? What reasons can you provide to explain the willingness of hundreds of thousands of young Canadian men to enlist during the First World War and fight overseas? Do men and women today join Canada’s armed forces for the same reasons? Would those reasons change in a time of war? 2) When soldiers were not fighting in battles, how did they pass the time? From the passages in the story, outline a “typical day” of a Canadian soldier in the trenches. 3) What are some of the main character’s concerns…show more content…
Why are these necessary? What is a “billet” and how do you explain its’ appeal to front-line fighters? 5) How are German soldiers described in the story? Are they better or worse off than the Canadians living in the opposite trenches? 6) What techniques do the main characters in the story use to approach and enter the German lines during the night trench raid? What techniques do they then use to return to their own lines? 7) What is the purpose of a “sap”? What are the worst fears of the main character when tuneling near the enemy’s trenches? Why does Corporal Hunter suddenly order the men to leave the tunnel? 8) How do the Germans launch their attack against the Canadians? How do Canadians defend themselves against this attack? Which side has won the battle? 9) How hazardous was it to live and fight in the trenches of the First World War? After reading the story, make a list of the types of dangers that soldiers faced while fighting in the trenches. 10) What has the main character accomplished over two days of fighting in the trenches? What do you think will happen the next…show more content…
How were these battles similar or different from each other? 2) If wars have been fought for thousands of years, why is the war between 1914 and 1918 commonly referred to today as the “First World War?” 3) Due to its length and intensity, new weapons and technologies were introduced and improved upon during the First World War in the hope of delivering victory. List them and briefly describe how they affected the outcome of the war. 4) Why did First World War armies dig trenches? Did this happen by accident or by design? How did armies deal with the difficulties of attacking enemy trenches? 5) What was “shell-shock” and what factors brought about this condition. How was “shell-shock” treated during the First World War? Is it treated any differently today? 6) Trace the evolution of the airplane during the First World War and list the contributions of Canadians in the air war. 7) It is often said that Canada “came of age” during the First World War. What was it about the First World War experience that transformed Canada from a semi-dependent British Dominion into an autonomous

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