Over Medication of Youth

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Overmedication of today’s youth The overmedication of youth in today’s society is an overwhelming issue. Over sixty percent of children are on some type of long term prescription medication, Forty-one percent of which are under the age of 11. Some of these medications have severe and sometimes even fatal long term and short term side effects. Overmedicating today’s adolescents is a terrible epidemic that is sweeping the nation. A lot of parents today tend to consider their children “too energetic”, “Moody” or “Hyper” and therefore believe they are ADD, ADHD, or Bipolar even when they might not be. There are no definite and scientifically sound tests to determine whether someone is truly ADD, ADHD, or bipolar, so all someone has to do is explain these “behaviors” associated with these disorders. Some of these behaviors include hyper activity, mood swings, excessive energy, an inability to focus, bad grades and short attention spans. These behaviors also can be associated with the normal way children act. Another issue with the lack of tests and being able to procure these drugs so easily is the large and overwhelming issue of misuse. Some kids and young adults mainly in the late years of high school and early years of college can fake ADD, ADHD, and Bipolar disorder to obtain the prescription drugs and use them for other reasons such as selling them, or taking for other reasons than prescribed. Students tend to be on tight budgets especially in college, and can take advantage of the lack of tests and being able to obtain it so easily by taking the medications prescribed and selling them to classmates and others for a good amount of money. Some students also use the pills to get stuff done, and be able to pull “All Nighters” to finish assignments. These medications are in high demand for the desirable effects they have on the body, like helping you to sleep
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