Over Diagnosis Of Mental Illnesses Essay

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Does the Mental Health Community over diagnose patients? In a world where almost everything is solved by taking some sort of pill it’s not at all irrational to question just how many people are taking prescription medications for illnesses they may not even have. The question isn’t whether these illnesses exist as decades of research prove that they do and psychiatry has moved bounds from its neanderthalic behavior early on. Shock treatments and lobotomies were common for everything not quite understood and even slight differences in normal behavior could be classified as some sort of malady. Children with ADD/ADHD were considered mentally deficient but we now know that their minds just function differently than most people and there truly is no difference in their intelligence levels. The problem with misdiagnosing or overdiagnosing society with disorders they make not actually have is that once a person is labeled with the disorder/disease it’s almost impossible to shake yourself out of the stereotype your life is shaped into. When a doctor tells you that you’re sick and that you’ll never be cured but with constant help you can manage it’s a crippling moment. Patients are essentially blindfolded and then forced to follow every step their psychologist walks them through. If the only help you can get is from a doctor and that doctor doesn’t keep an open arbitrary mind then you’re at his or her mercy. Years of experimenting with drugs that may or may not work follow with side effects almost as horrible as the disorder itself. I speak from experience as I was misdiagnosed with Depression when I was around 18. Frantically trying to understand what was wrong with me while taking medications that agitated me even further pushed me into a hole deeper than I started with. Depression is the most widely afflicting mental disorder in America. Current statistics show that

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