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OUTLINE INTRODUCTION- Thesis Statement: There are numerous advantages of outsourcing; such as companies can focus on their core works, reduce their production costs, save time and increase productivity, develop their internal staff and shares the risk business. BODY- PARAGRAPH 1: Topic Sentence: Large corporations outsource many of the components of their products from external suppliers. I: Sun Microsystems II: North American made Automobile PARAGRAPH 2: Topic Sentence: A special keen interest in a company’s core works is the first advantage of outsourcing. I: Focus and Specilization II: Better Production PARAGRAPH 3: Topic Sentence: The second advantage of outsourcing is that it can save companies money and reduce their production costs. I: Calculating costs II: Cost of production PARAGRAPH 4: Topic Sentence: The third advantage of outsourcing is that it saves time and increases productivity. I: Saving time II: Productivity increase PARAGRAPH 5: Topic Sentence: Fourth advantage of outsourcing is companies can develop their internal staff. I: Workers development II: Skills PARAGRAPH 6: Topic Sentence: Last advantage of outsourcing is that it divides risk between several companies. I: Money in one stock II: Sharing investments PARAGRAPH 7: Topic Sentence: On the other hand, outsourcing has some disadvantages for companies. I: Potential risks for companies II: Loss of control Conclusion: In conclusion, a company can realize the full advantages of outsourcing by being aware of every criteria that outsourcing entails and establishing the right business relationship. Outsourcing is a process which companies give some of their works to other companies or persons. Generally, companies outsource the activities which are not their core business. For example, rent-a-car companies might

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