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The Outsiders by S.E. Hinton Reaction Paragraph The book The Outsiders was great! It kept my attention and had me glued to my nook. There were many themes in the book that applied to today’s world. The author touched on class differences and how resentment can come from this. She also dealt with relationships between family members and how they can change over time and with understanding of each other. This last theme hit home the most with me. At the beginning of the book, Ponyboy resents Darry for being too strict. He understands the sacrifices that Darry has made to raise him and his brother. Even though Ponyboy sees that his brother works hard to provide for them, he still thinks Darry just doesn't care for him at all. He thinks Darry is always nagging him to use his head and to be good. This changes when Soda and Darry come to the hospital to visit Ponyboy after he has been hurt in the church fire. Ponyboy has a revelation. He sees his oldest brother cry for the first time in years. He then realizes that Darry does care about him and was hard on him because he wanted Ponyboy to make something of himself. He realizes that he should not have thought of Darry as being mean and uncaring. As I have gotten older, I have had the same revelation. I realized that my parents only want the best for me. Sometimes they are tough on me but it is because they want me to succeed and be a good person. I guess I am a bit like

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