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The Caring, Protective and the hardworking Have you ever wondered what it would be like to live in a world where you wouldn’t be judged by the way you looked? The members of the greaser gang wondered the same thing in The Outsiders. The Outsiders is a book about two types of gangs (socs and greasers) and the dispute between them. There are many fascinating and interesting characters in The Outsiders such as Darry who is a very caring, protective and a hardworking member of the greaser gang. One thing that makes Darry stand out from the rest of the characters is the fact that he has to work so very hard to provide for the family after the death of his parents. He left school where he was a very athletic and intelligent student to be the breadwinner for the family. After he quit school, Darry works two jobs one of them being roofing houses and as Ponyboy his younger brother states “Darry was always pulling muscles, he roofs houses and is always trying to carry two bundles of roofing up the ladder”. Since Darry is the only one providing for the family he has to work very hard and give up a lot of his own time like said in the book; “Darry was getting old before his time’’. The fact that Darry is working all the time makes it from him to spend time with other members of the gang and his brothers. As Ponyboy says “Darry sighed just like I knew he would, Darry never had the time to do anything”. Despite all this Darry is still very hardworking and does the best he can do provide for his brother even if it means sacrificing is own career. The fact that Darry works so very hard to provide for his family it also shows how caring he is. He can be very rough towards his brother but at the end of the day he is always very caring for them. For example when Ponyboy comes home late and Darry says “Well kiddo, its two in the morning. Another hour and I would have had the

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