Outside Influences on Character: Why Hoda Was Such a Unique Woman

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A lot of things can determine who a person is. A person’s character is what determines how they live their life. It is character that is the foundation for all true success, it guides a person’s responses to any situation or circumstances in their lives. In Adele Wiseman’s Crackpot, the protagonist Hoda is a very fascinating character. Being caught in a web of relationships throughout her life, Hoda is influenced by the people around her. It is these relationships that help form Hoda’s character. Influenced by her mother Rahel, father Danile, Uncle Nate, friend Mr. Polonick, and other various figures, Hoda’s original personality forms. There are a lot of points about Hoda and her being a prostitute is not the most important one. Hoda is very practical, intuitive, vulgar, gullible, vulnerable, clever, generous and big-hearted woman, just to name a few characteristic traits. Her poor Jewish parents immigrated to Canada to escape persecution, but this discrimination remained even in a new country. Hoda faced cruelty and prejudice early in life, and trying not to let it bother her she would always fight back with humour and anger; Hoda was a little fire cracker full of wit and sarcasm. Hoda challenged the normal public roles and has a wholesome lust for life; she is a dreamer and believed one day her dreams would come true. In her neighbourhood, Hoda was considered to be a crackpot and worse in other cases. This can be seen as true, Hoda is a cracked pot; a flawed person; on a long journey to find herself, bringing hope out of ruin, light out of the dark. Hoda’s mother Rahel passed away when Hoda was still a very young girl. Leaving Hoda to find out stuff on her own; stuff a mother should teach her daughter about. LoVerso states in his article that Rahel leaves Hoda with no practical knowledge about life. This does not mean that Rahel was a bad mother; she still loved
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