Outline the Various Ways in Which the Mass Media Have Changed over the Last 50 Years & Evaluate the Effects of These Changes on Today’s Society

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With increasing technological sophistication, people could choose more and more patterns to get information. Chaudhary (2004:11) is of the opinion that ‘The world these days is not considered an area of land with definitively carved out lands, territories and countries. The new communication technologies are breaking geographical barriers and enabling people worldwide to engage in dialogues without any fear of cultural, identity or linguistic barriers’. Exactly, the modern society is a society which is covered and presented by mass media. Mass media are based on advanced techniques, and it produces enormous impaction for the whole world. This project will firstly introduce the development of mass media in the whole world during the past few decades. Then, it will describe the effects of mass media’s changes on today’s society. It will illustrate the effects with reference to specific examples. As is widely recognized, the formation of human society went through a protracted and tortuous development. But regardless what time, people have always needed to communicate with other people and get information. So the history of communication has surely existed back to antiquity. The early Romans carved some valuable information in flagstones after every meeting. And it was the beginning of a newspaper. Chinese has invented paper, ink and printing as far back as the 2th century. In the middle of 19th century, metal type was invented by Germans. Then photography, gramophone and film were also invented afterwards. According to A Social History of the Media(2009:1)as the KDKA got the first license for broadcasting, people began to speak of ‘media’ in 1920s. Radio was born in that time. Than we ushered in ‘a communication revolution’ in 1950s.It is a beginning of the television age. The development of television brought in visual communication as well, and stimulated
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