Outline: The Quest For A Republican Society

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Chapter 9 Outline: The Quest for a Republican Society I. Democratic Republicanism A. Social & Political Equality for White Men 1. Republican ideology proclaimed: a. Legal equality for all free men b. Yet, Americans accepted social divisions if they were based on personal achievements. 2. Some Americans (from long-distinguished families) questioned the morality of a social order based on mobility & financial success. 3. By the 1810s, Republicanism meant voting rights for all free white men. 4. Americans increasingly rejected the deferential political views of Federalists who called for “a speaking aristocracy in the face of a silent democracy.” 5. As the political power of middling & poor white men grew, the rights & status of white…show more content…
the Society would then arrange for their resettlement in Africa. b. Lacking support from either blacks or whites, the American Colonization Society was a dismal failure. B. Toward a New Southern Social Order 1. 1780: the western boundary of the plantation system ran through the middle of Georgia 2. by 1820: the plantation frontier stretched through the middle of Louisiana, doubling the area cultivated by slave labor. 3. Despite an influx of new slaves, the demand for labor in the Southwest far exceeded the supply…SO?? a. Consequently, white planters purchased or moved black workers from long-settled regions that had a surplus of labor. b. Slave families were torn apart as they were moved to the fertile lands of the Mississippi Valley by their white owners c. Thousands of others were separated from their families as they were sold. 4. By 1820 a much smaller proportion of southern whites owned slaves…SO?? a. the wealthy & influential slave owners dominated society & gave an aristocratic republican definition to politics. 5. The prospect of a more equal political & social order raised during the Revolutionary era had been counterbalanced by the expanding aristocratic republican plantation society based on cotton &

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