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Outline The Interaction Between Religion And Cultu

  • Submitted by: emmavan
  • on April 11, 2011
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Although many people would love to disagree, religion is a big part of most or all societies today. Whether in the western or eastern world, it is evident that religion has a large impact on the society around it, and as a result the culture of this area is also greatly impacted. As each culture is different and unique to the next, religion affects it in varying ways, and to different degrees. However it isn’t only religion that affects cultures, but cultures that affect religions also.
We may not even realise it, but a lot of the laws that govern the way we live in Australia are taken from and/ or based on the Ten Commandments. These are a list of religious and moral imperatives that were given by God to the people of Israel. They were an expectation on how to live a good and holy life. We still accept them in today’s society as the ‘right’ way to live, and they impact the decisions we make and the way we go about living our lives. Some of the biggest and well known laws that we have in Australia and all over the world are that people cannot kill or steal etcetera. These are also outlined in the commandments as being unacceptable. Not taking the Lord’s name in vain is not a ‘law’ as such, but is still considered a respectful practice and is frowned upon in many societies. Keeping the Sabbath day holy (Sundays) is also still present even now, where many people do not work on Sundays or only work for a few hours (though this is becoming increasingly unpopular due to increased demand on trade).
Religion has a major influence in the world today. It seems that people in all cultures have a set of beliefs that go beyond both the self and the natural world. These beliefs are used to help explain reasons for human existence and to guide personal relationships and behaviour. Many current religions take previous traditions and beliefs and adapt them to fit the way of life lived by the majority of the population, today, in the 21st century. However some still take their...

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