Outline the Influence of the Liberal Democrats on the Coalition Since 2010 (10 Marks)

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Outline the influence of the liberal democrats on the coalition since 2010 (10 marks) It’s more than two years since the Liberal Democrats joined the Tories to form Britain’s first peace-time coalition. Britain is in a majority coalition. This has just two parties, in this case Conservatives and Lib Dmes However how much influence has the liberal democrats really had on the coalition? In this question I will be discussing the policies they have carried out since the creation of the coalition in 2010. There has been a sheer quantity of Lib Dem policies which have been successfully implemented. In an episode of The Politics, it Show showed that 75% of the Lib Dem manifesto is being turned into coalition policy compared with only 60% of the Tory manifesto. The Lib Dems have passed many policies during their years in power including; Announcing a ban on any new coal-fired power stations without Carbon Capture and Storage technology. This was to block any new coal-fired power stations - the most polluting form of power generation - unless they are accompanied by the highest level of carbon capture and storage facilities. They also forced the Tories to make key changes to the Health Bill, protecting the NHS and giving patients more say in its running. As Clegg has openly admitted, a key issue is communication. Liberal successes must be better publicised. The few weak efforts that have been made to broadcast party achievements in government are not sufficient. Perhaps the party does suffer unjustifiably negative media
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