Outline the Argument That Supermarket Power Is a Zero-Sum Game

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Essay Plan Introduction: How shopping has become a major part of our lives Introducing the concept of the zero sum game What a consumer society implies Main Body: What makes the supermarkets powerful How do the supermarket dominate the high street What does zero sum game mean Conclusion: The negative impact of the big chains on family run shops Outline the argument that supermarket power is a zero-sum game. INTRODUCTION : Shopping has become a major part of our lives, from buying our essentials to becoming one of our favourite pastimes where we are buying more than what we need. We are now part of a consumer society. In our high streets, you are more likely to see big chain shops than small independent businesses like fishmongers, fruit and veg shops and local butchers. Consumers are having their choices restricted as these chains grow and branch out to retail parks. I aim to discuss the zero sum game as there is concrete evidence for this against the the big supermarkets, I will also look into how this big supermarkets have affected how we shop, and how they have grown as big as they are now. A zero sum game is a situation in which one party's gain is balanced by another party's loss. If you subtract total losses from total gains, they sum to zero. ( making social lives 2009 p70 ). Today the big supermarkets have engulfed our high streets, towns and retail outlets as they continue to expand in a rapid rate. The big supermarkets have gone from selling essential grocery and household items to now selling electrical appliances, fashion wears and home furniture. This has encouraged consumers to shop all under one roof for most things we usually need on a weekly to monthly basis. We no longer see the need to buy from

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