Outline Some of the Ways in Which Factors in Children's Home Background May Lead to Differences in Achievement Levels Between Ethnic Groups.

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Outline some of the ways in which factors in children's home background may lead to differences in achievement levels between ethnic groups. A child’s educational achievement can focus heavily around their home life and culture, including things such as encouragement from parents or even a language barrier. Many ethnic minority groups are labelled as to whether they will succeed or not, this label is usually based around their ethnicity and their family background. Government statistics show that white British and Asians on average perform better than Black and Pakistani pupils this also applies to the fact the middle class children and more likely to perform considerably better than Working class children . However white working class suggests that the cause of education underachievement is a mixture of culture and class. The reasons for ethnic differences can be internal or external factors which are things such as cultural deprivation, material deprivation and racism theorists argue that underachievement these may then result to inadequate socialisation in the home. One major factor being the lack of intellectual and linguistic skills being taught to children, in addition children in ethnic minorities are less likely to take part in activities that are intellectually enriching due to material deprivation, leaving these students poorly equipped for school. In addition the language spoken by ethnic minority families tend to be inadequate for educational success as English may not be the child’s first language and so they may struggle more than white British children. However some sociologists argue that Asian and Indian children do just as well if not better than white middle class students despite not speaking English at home. Cultural deprivation theorists also argue that black children do not have the attitudes and values to promote educational achievement.
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