Outline or Evaluate One or More Social Explanation of Agression

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Aggression refers to behaviours that can result in both physical and psychological harm to one self, others or objects in the environment. It can be socially explained using the Social Learning Theory, which suggest that we learn behaviours, including aggression, by imitating successful role models. Therefore it is possible to learn aggression through Operant or Classical conditioning. The theory also suggests that observational learning can also take place, and that this is reinforced vicariously. Vicarious learning or reinforcement occurs when one sees another person rewards for certain actions. This observation makes it more likely that one will imitate the mode's action not now but in the future. This explanation implicates cognitive processes as the behavioural model is being stores for future use and this is supported by Bandura's Bobo Doll's experiment which was conducted on nursery children. Bandura (1965), found out that children who observed model a model behaving aggressively towards a Bobo doll were more likely to reproduce the same behaviours when they were later allowed to interact with the doll. This was particular the case when they saw the adult being rewarded for their aggressive behaviour, thus supporting that reward influences the likelihood of a behaviour being performed. However, the study lacks validity because the children may have been aware of what was expected of them, leading to them displaying demand characteristic when playing with the doll. The study also focuses on aggression towards a doll rather than real-life aggression, meaning the same results may not be applied in real life settings. There is also the key aspect of gender differences, as boys were more likely to be more aggressive than guys thus resulting in their violent behaviour. To an extent, it can also be argued that the experiment was unethical as the children may have

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