Outline on How to Preserve Natural Resources

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WAYS TO PRESERVE NATURAL RESOURCES I. Introduction Three ways to preserve natural resources are preservation of forests and wild animals, converting forests to National Parks and Bird Sanctuaries and preservation of soil. II. Body A One reason to preserve the natural reources by doing preservation of forests and wild animals. 1 To stop destroying forests and cutting trees. * Forests are the home to many different animals, birds and insects. * Become endangered and are close to extinction. 2 Trees give us wood that helps in making so many things. Benefit that a tree can give are : * Purifying the air. * We must control the cutting of trees and plant more trees. * We must prevent forest fires. B Another ways is converting forests to National Parks and Bird Sanctuaries. 1 Government has now started protecting forests by converting them into national parks and wildlife or bird sanctuaries. * Cutting of trees or killing of birds and animals is not allowed. * Grazing or cultivating of the land. 2 Bird sanctuaries are areas where birds are protected and encouraged to breed. * There are many kind of species that live in this bird nest. * Birds are able to breed naturally in this unique environment. * The Bharatpur Bird Sanctuary is one of the biggest bird sanctuaries in India. C One other way is preservation of soil. 1 Soil is a very important natural resource. Man and animals depend on plants for their food and plants get nourishment from the soil. * Soil erosion . * Cutting of trees or deforestation. 2 We can prevent soil erosion by : * Forestation or planting trees. * Terrace or step farming done on slopes of hills. * Building embankments on river

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