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Outline Outline 1 Introduction 2 The ATF Mission 2 Transformation of the ATF 4 The ATF Technology 6 The ATF Budget Structure 6 Legislative Developments 7 ATF Scandals 8 Conclusion 9 References 11 Introduction The Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives (ATF) implements the federal laws and code of practice and has principal federal authority over the defense articles, ammunition, production, importation, explosives, and domestic and interstate commerce of firearms. Besides, the ATF also controls the export of National Firearms Act weapons. People and organizations that are interested in importing firearms, explosives, ammunition, or other defense objects may be required…show more content…
Throughout Prohibition, detectives from the ATF’s precursor agency, a section of the Treasury Department, went after cigarette smugglers, moonshiners, and bootleggers. By then, the famous Chicago crime combatant, Eliot Ness, was one of the agents. Later in 1972, ATF was instituted as an isolated Bureau within the Treasury, when Treasury Department Order 221, in effect on July 1, 1972 transferred the duties of the ATF unit of the IRS to the new AFT (ATF, 2011). Davis superintended the transfer, hence becoming the agency’s first director, having led the division as from 1970 (ATF, 2011). During his incumbency, Rex led the TFA into a new era where federal weapons and explosives laws related to violent crime became the chief mission of the bureau. Nevertheless, taxation and other alcohol concerns remained urgencies as ATF accumulated billions of dollars in tobacco and alcohol taxes, and attempted major amendments to the Federal wine labeling rules relating to use of designations of origin and varietal appellations on wine…show more content…
Ahead of the director’s resignation, Congress—flexing its supervision muscles—decided that the Senate would support all succeeding ATF chiefs. By the first quarter of 2011, no one had been confirmed to take the director’s position, and the country had been without a chief firearms. In 2011, the agency came under scrutiny again, this time round over a gun-trafficking probe in which federal agents deliberately let weapons be shipped across the Mexican border, and later, two weapons were returned up in Arizona, and thought to have been used to kill an American Border Patrol agent in a shootout. Congress and the Department of Justice started investigating this issue as President Obama declared in June 2001 to take appropriate actions upon release of the investigative

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