Outline of Story of Purseus and Medusa

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STORY The legend of Perseus and Medusa is set on an island called Seriphos, where a young man named Perseus lived with his mother, Danae. The king of the island, Polydictes wanted Danae to marry him. He was a horrible, wicked tyrant and Danae did not want to marry him. Polydictes thought it was Perseus’ fault and if Perseus was dead, she would happily marry him. So, Polydictes invited all the young men from Seriphos to a banquet. All the men arrived with fantastic gifts, except Perseus who had nothing. Perseus was embarrased and said he would bring a better gift than all the other men. Polydictes gave Perseus a quest: to bring back medusa’s head. Athena, goddess of war and battle strategy saw what the king had done and helped perseus by giving him a shiny shield. Hermes gave him a very sharp sword then told him to go home of the grey sisters. When Perseus arrived at their home he watched the sisters for a while. He saw they had only one eye and tooth between them. He crept up behind them and stole the eye. He threatened to keep it if they did not tell him where he could find medusa. Then he learned the secret. When he neared the land, a nymph that lived there gave him a hat which would hide him from medusa’s sisters, shoes of speed so he could escape and a bag to put her head in. When he got to medusa’s lair he crept up on her, looking at her reflection in his shield and sliced off her head. He put the head in his bag and took it back to Polydictes’ palace. There, he took it out of the bag turning all the people to stone and freed his mother. KEY GODS AND GODDESSES The goddess in the story is Athena because she helped Perseus by giving him a shield. She is the god of war and battle strategy. Zeus is her father and she is his favourite child. Her mother is called Metis, goddess of wisdom. Athena is the god of the city

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