Outline of Development Between 0 and 19 Years

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Task 1.1 Physical Development from 0-19 years Babies are born with starting signs of physical development. They can move their head and limbs, will start to grasp fingers and if held in an upright position use their legs in a stepping movement. They are also born with the ability to suck which is essential for feeding. By around 6 months a child can turn their heads towards sound and movement as well as smiling at familiar faces and watching an adults face when feeding. They can reach to hold their feet when lying on their backs, . A 6 month old should be able to look and reach for objects, and when holding an object; shake it or put it in their mouth. Between 6 months and 1 year a child will progress to rolling from their stomachs onto their backs, sitting; first with support them unaided for short periods of time and shuffle on their bottoms of crawl. Some children may miss the shuffling stage and crawl straight away. Children will respond to adults in more advaced ways than priror to 6 months, they will raise their arms to be lifted by an adult, turn and look when their hear their name called, and lean against adults to reach a standing position. They can pat and poke objects and well as pass them from hand to hand, and will look for objects that have been hidden or dropped. Between one and two years a number of milestones are reached. Near the beggining of theis timeframe a child should be able to sit alone indeifintely and will begin to walk. Children of this age can wave goodbye, point or make noises to indicate wants or shake their head to indicate 'No'. At 18 months a child may be able to walk alone, will push and pull toys when walking and are able to kick, roll and throw a ball. Children can feed themselves, some using a spoon. They stoop to pick up objets on the ground and will use a thumb and two fingers to grip these. They begin to show a
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