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Vui Ta ESL 081 Anhvy Do October 13, 2011 Killing the Inner Insect Festival in Vietnam I. Topic sentence: Killing the inner insect festival is one of the most interesting celebrations in Vietnam because of name with special meaning, the myth behind, and the two traditional types of food. II. Supporting idea: 1. Definition and special meaning. * Tet doan ngo: tet refers to festival, doan means the start, ngo is the seventh animal of the Chinese zodiac – the horse. * Is also known as tet giet sau bo, or tet thang nam, and celebrate on May 5th (lunar calendar) every year. * Derives the fact that farmers, on this day, get rid of all pests to start growing their crops for the new season. 2. Fictitious story: a tale of two snakes: Thanh Xa and Bach Xa * Two snakes fell in love and transformed themselves into beautiful ladies to charm two orphan brothers who are popular in a small villageThanh Xa got married the older brother, and Bach Xa became his younger’s wife. * But the men grew unhealthy Taoism helped them to reveal the snakes by eating the poison solids and liquids in the early morning of May 5th (lunar calendar)the men were safe; snakes disappeared. 3. Irreplaceable dishes. * Banh u: a kind of sticky rice cake. * Com ruou: is little ball of fermented rice bathed in wine. III. Conclusion In conclusion, beside the Lunar New Year, Killing the Inner Insect Festival plays a significant role in every Vietnamese life for practical and holy

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