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Outline Marxist Views of Education

  • Submitted by: htwray
  • on November 20, 2014
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Marxism is a conflict view. They have a view on education that it is only used to serve capitalism and the work force. They say that you learn many things in education through something called the hidden curriculum.

A point made by marxism is that education is only used to make a more obedient workforce for the ruling class to exploit. A piece of research to back this up is althusser, he says that the main role of education in a capitalist society is the reproduction of an efficient and obedient workforce. This is achieved through schools by teaching the idea the capitalism is a good thing. He says that they teach you to compete with your fellow peers for grades to distract you from what capitalism really is. It convinces you that capitalism is a good thing and it is the best thing to have. This stops you from questioning the system. He also says that it makes you submissive to authority, if a teacher tells you what to do you do it. This makes it so when you are at work and someone higher up than you tells you what to do, you do it aswell. He says that education is the ideological state apparatus and teaches you to follow capitalist values.

Another marxist view is that you learn passively through the hidden curriculum. They say school and work are ‘mirrors’ of one another. A study to back up this view was Bowles and Gintis. They say that many of the views of capitalism are learnt through the hidden curriculum. Pupils do what the teachers tell them to do, this mirrors what would happen at work. Where a   boss would tell an employee what to do, neither have much control over their work and do what they are told. There are many more things to you learn through the hidden curriculum. In school if you are late you are punished, this is the same as in a workplace. If you are late, you can’t make as much profit for the ruling class and therefore you are punished. They can dock your pay and even suspend you.

Another view held by marxists is the myth of...

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