Outline For The Homeless Research Paper

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Table of Contents Title Page Introduction What is Homelessness? Why does Homelessnes cause so much confusion and debate? What are the Causes of Homelessness? What Services are available for the Homeless? The Impact of not Having a place to call Home What is the Health Status of the Homeless? How many People are there without Housing? What is the Solution? Conclusion Appendix: Journals Evaluation Rubric Introduction For my final assignment I have decided to do it on the increasing situation of homelessness. On May 21, 2002, residents of Canada’s largest city woke up to a shocking dose of reality. The headline…show more content…
After all, the roof keeps the rain out; what more do these homeless people want. Anything else would be a simple matter of choices that people can and should make themselves. Defining the problem so it’s theirs( not ours): You know when you hear people say…” He’s a drug addict.” “ She’s a drunk.” “ She can’t support her kids.” “ He really doesn’t want to work at all.” “ Her parents kicked her out.” “ Most of them have mentall illness, you know.” From these statements, the victim is seen to be beset by personal problems brought on by personality flaws, invidual pathologies or circumstances created by his or her own decisions. Blaming the visctim is one of the easiest things we can do. Defining the problme so that it’s someone else’s: Governments, politicians, bureaucrats, at all levels, federal, provincial, municipal, are all frequent users of this strategy. Each of these institutions throws the ball to one another, without none of them doing anything, shifting the obligation is all that

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