Outline for Right to Die with Dignty

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The question that each of us will face at some point and time is, how would we like to die? This has been a question that has received much attention in recent years with such cases as the “Terry Shiavo case, Grace Sung Eun Lee case and many others. Do we want to die laying in a bed unaware of our surroundings and possibly in great pain or do we want the opportunity to die while still aware of our surroundings and those we love, in essence to die with dignity. These cases and many like them bring to the forefront the question of not only a patient’s right to die but also the patient’s choice of choosing death with dignity. Throughout this paper we will look at the various points of both sides of this debate and what the law in our country says on this issue. Human Right to Die: A. Physician Assisted Suicide (Pros and Cons) B. Right to Decide One’s own time. (Pros and Cons) C. Constitutional Right Quality of Life: A. Health decreased by illness B. Emotional/Financial Burden on Family C. Medical Treatment not Wanted Dignity A. A Personal Choice B. A Person should be in control of their own death Court Cases and Rulings A. Laws set by the state B. Supreme Court C. Court Cases and their Rulings Cultural Views A. Religious Views B. Public Views References: LaGuardia,Cheryl; Tallent, Ed.(Dec,1997),A Right to Die:The Dax Cowart Case,Library Journal 122.20 ProCon.Org.(May,2012).Should Euthanasia or Physician Assisted Suicide be Legal? Euthanasia.Procon.org Retrieved from http://euthanasia.procon.org/view.resource Savage,David.G.(June,1997) High Court Refuses to Grant Constitutional “Right To Die”.Los Angeles Times, Los Angeles, California,A,1:6 Wolfson, Jay, DrPH, JD. (2003-12-01). "A report to Governor Jeb Bush and the Sixth Judicial Circuit in the matter of Theresa Marie Schiavo". abstractappeal.com.
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