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A Football COURSE OUTLINE Carmen Ramos Putting a Football Program Together Philosophy. “Practice does not make perfect. Perfect practice makes perfect”. John Robert Wooden To have the attitude and willingness to learn. a) Be coachable. b) Accept criticism. c) Learn from mistakes. d) Never stop learning. Follow Wooden’s Pyramid of Success. a) Read with players. b) Make sure the athletes understand it. c) Drills repeats them often, make the fundamentals part of their game d) Quiz and test them, but only time will tell. e) Be a better individual. f) Be the best you can be. Discipline “the little things”. a) Make sure the drills are done perfect. 1) Foot work. 2) Hand and eye coordination drills.…show more content…
a) Give 100% for each and every drill every day. Team program (all aspects of an Athletic program). Loyalty is # 1. a) As an assistant support the head coach’s decisions whole hartley. b) As an assistant do not talk behind the other assistant coaches back. c) As an assistant do not talk behind the players back. d) Same rules for players with respect to the coaching staff. e) Same rules for players with their team mates. f) As a player do not say anything negative to your team mates. 2. Game jobs for assistants (time outs, fouls, opposing team off. or def., etc.). a) Time outs. b) Fouls. c) Minutes played. d) Opposing team offense. e) Opposing team defense. f) Break down into smaller groups. (Pt. Guards, Wings, Post). g) Managers. h) Make-sure injured players get taped or see the athletic trainer. i) Make sure we video tape every game. j) When ever possible video tape the practices. k) Make sure we get a score book keeper for all our games. Need two. l) Make sure we get at least one stat keeper. Need three. m) Show opponents their locker room. n) If they need a different room for pre game and halftime team…show more content…
1) Off-Season; goal is to baulk up by doing a low amount of repetition with a high amount of weight. Start with about 50% of your maximum doing 3-6 repetition (reps) on each set, do 3 sets on all the stations, when you can do 6 reps on all 3 sets on all stations add 5lbs to each station. Do 3 sets for two weeks then 4 sets for two weeks then 5 sets for two weeks, then start over by maxim out again and do another 6 week same workout then and do a third 6 week work out. Then take 3 weeks off (month of August). In September start again a 6 week program followed by one more 6

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