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English 102 Due Date: 7 March 2014 THESIS The author of “Everyman” acknowledges that preparation for death should not be an afterthought because it is an individual endeavor and inevitable. OUTLINE I. Introduction II. God’s Anger With Ignorance and Disobedience A. Christians Beliefs B. Catholics beliefs III. Death comes into play A. Allegorical characters Will Not Accompany Everyman to Death B. Levels of friendship IV. The Author’s Perception and Treatment A. Everyman’s sins are forgiven B. Everyman receives his crown in Heaven V. Good Deeds is the only one to accompany VI. Conclusion Everyman’s Divine Appointment “Everyman” is a Christian morality play that addresses the meaning of life through Death. Every man that is born into this world is a sinner and destined for an eternal life in hell. “Everyman” is the representation of man which focuses on the things of the world, living a materialistic, wild and sinful life with no spiritual guidance. In “Everyman”, God becomes angry with the way men are behaving on Earth. God sees that every man and “Everyman” is ignorantly leading sinful lives. They are obsessed with wealth, possessions and not aware that Jesus died for their sins. “Everyman” forsakes God and God sends Death to…show more content…
“Everyman” tries to bring these characters along with him on his journey toward Death. Fellowship is the first to abandon “Everyman” and suggests that he dabble in more sin rather than focus on dying. Kindred and Cousin who represent family desert him. Goods which represent materialistic belongings will not join him on his journey to Death. Knowledge reveals “Everyman’s” acknowledgement of sin. Confession allows “Everyman” to confess and repent his sin. Discretion, Beauty Strength and Five Wits all alienate
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