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Research Paper Asthma   Michael Ford Jr. Table of contents 1- Title Page 2- Introduction 3- Explanation of History 4- Signs & Symptoms 5- Diagnostic Testing and Diagnosis 6- Conclusion 7- Bibliography   Michael ford Jr. Anatomy 3-27-09 Research paper ASTHMA There is a disease that is disrrupting the natural life of americans. A disease at which everyday life can not be seeked up. More than 22 million people -- and some 6 million children -- have asthma. Everyday in the United States: 40,000 people will miss school or work because of asthma, 30,000 people will have and asthma attack, 5,000 people will visit the emergency room because of their asthma, 1,000 people will be admitted to the hospital…show more content…
Even with the same person symptoms may varies time and time. Symptoms can get worst from things they are allergic to or viral infections. Also exercising, crying and screaming might also act up symptoms. There are also signs of an attack. It can be small bouts of wheezing, coughing or breathing can become hard. With children a sign can be itching of the neck and upper chest. Other child symptoms can be a dry cough. If a person is having and attack feeling pressure in there chest and shortness of breath. If they are having small asthma attack they will be having a fast heartbeat and elevated wheezing in the chest. Also the person can look as if they are fighting for air. If the attack is sever the person can have a hard time breathing and speaking. They might also get very tired. If it is a serous attack the person is not exchanging o2 and carbon dioxide and the skin may turn bluish. This can be life…show more content…
Since asthma can not be cured the goal is to prevent symptoms. To try and keep the lungs working properly. Education is also a main factor in treatments. The more a person knows about asthma or like what makes an attack and how to prevent it. They are also medication that controls attacks. That can reduce inflammation so breathing is easier and stops swelling seeing a doctor is a good thing and they will tell you steps and how to prevent asthma. There are four steps; mild stage 1, moderate stage 2, severe stage3, and respatory failure stage4.They also have inhaling drugs that are designed to open up airways. If the person has and infection they are given

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