Outline for Abortions

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Running Head: ABORTIONS 1 Should Abortions be Legal Outline? Amy Namer PHI 103Informal Logic Instructor: Robert Gala August 8, 2012 Running Head: ABORTIONS 2 Should Abortions be Legal Outline? I. Introduction: A. Thesis Statement There have been several debates on whether abortions should be legal or not. The conversations of abortions remain a major issue in political propaganda within the society today, and may continue to be. Many people feel abortions should be legal while others feel they should not be. People who are against abortions feel that the procedures represent murder or a child who is unborn, and that the rights of that child has been taken away from them before they even had a chance at life. Other people who are for abortions say it is for the sake of the child or for the mother and or parents. For example people feel as though some parents are too young for a child, people also feel that some individual will not make good parent for the simple fact of not taking care of the child, others are for abortions due to the fact of rape and incest and not having to bare the memory of what happened to conceive such child. Other people are for abortions because of health reasons for example; a mother may not be able to survive the birth of a child, or severe birth defects in a child, however people’s opinion on abortions rest within their morals and values of how they were brought up, and also on their religious beliefs. Whatever way a person feels there is support for both sides the ones whom believe abortions should be legal and the ones whom are against abortions not being legal. Running Head: ABORTIONS

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