Outline Current Policies and Legislation Relating to Children and How These Affect Your Practice

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Outline current policies and legislation relating to children and how these affect your practice. There are many policies and procedures in force in the UK to ensure the safeguarding and wellbeing of children. These policies have been developed over the last 50 years. The term safeguarding is now used in place of child protection. The current legislation in place is as follows: The Children Act 1989. This Act states that the welfare of a child is predominant in regard to their upbringing. It also outlines the rights, duties and obligations of those with parental responsibility and professionals to ensure the safety of a child. This legislation contains two vital sections. Section 47 states that if a Local Authority suspects a child is suffering, or is likely to suffer, from significant harm they have a duty to investigate. Section 17 states that local authorities must have services to safeguard the welfare of children who are in need. The Protection of Children Act 1999. This came in to force in October 2000. This law ensures that nobody unsuitable holds a position that involves close contact with children. This includes paid and unpaid employment. This Act gives the Secretary of State the power to keep a record of those who are found to be unsuitable to work with children. Regulated childcare organisations (and also other organisations involved with children and young people) are required to refer the names of people who may need to be included in the PoCA list. A childcare employer is required to carry out checks with The Criminal Records Bureau before an offer of employment is made. If a current employee is found to be named in the list, the contact of employment should be terminated immediately. The Children Act 2004. This legislation does not supersede The Children Act 198. It provides the legal framework for Every Child Matters. There are five outcomes

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