Outline And Evaluate Two Explanations Of Stress Research

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Outline and evaluate 2 psychological and 2 physiological treatments for stress. Meichenbaum’s Stress Inoculation Training (SIT) and is a psychological method of stress management. This theory consists of three stages. First, Conceptualisation: this is where the client works to identify sources of stress in their lives. This can involve looking back at stressful encounters or keeping a diary of when they get stressed. The second stage of this approach is Skills Training & Rehearsal. This is where the client can be taught relevant skills to address different reasons why they get stressed. This can be especially effective for people with social anxiety. They are also taught some relaxation skills. Finally, the third stage of this approach is Application in the real world. After practicing specific skills and relaxation techniques in the therapeutic setting, the client is encouraged to try them in the real world. They can then assess the success and failure of the different techniques. This approach is strongly focused on identifying what creates stress and appraising it. This is a key first step in managing stress, and the fact that this approach focuses on it means that it is an approach that is likely to succeed. As well as this one of the main positives…show more content…
The most prominent of these is through the prescription of drugs. Stressful situations are usually associated with feelings of anxiety, and so drugs such as Benzodiazepines (BZ’s) are prescribed as they can reduce anxiety. However, whilst BZ’s are much safer than those originally prescribed in the 1960’s (Barbiturates), and are relatively safe in overdose, BZ’s do have some side-effects. They can produce feelings of tiredness and sedation, and also impaired motor coordination. There is also evidence that suggests BZ’s can cause memory impairment when they are used over a long term

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